When there is Black business there is Black work.

When there is Black business Black wealth is created.

When there is Black business a Black economy is created.

When there is Black business Black children see opportunities.

When there is Black business Black children have hope.

When there is Black business there is a future for Black people.

When there is Black business Black communities grow.

Black business matters for more than just one month; Black business matters each and every day. Black history matters for more than just one month.

We have to stop buying into this limited celebration of worth and know and understand our value and our worth each and every day. We must step up and have a real dialogue among ourselves; no one else should dictate and predicate when we should celebrate ourselves. And we shouldn’t limit ourselves to a smattering of just 28 or 31 days.

We have to create a mindset that every day we are responsible for our future, viagra and for our children’s future, not the government and not someone who cares less if we are at the table. Because, at the end of the day, they are getting theirs as we continue to sit by waiting and screaming for a handout.

Yes, there are mechanisms that need to be put in place, mechanisms that begin to level the playing field, and right the wrongs. But will the field ever truly be leveled, a field that we are subject to provide the labor, a field that has been moved each and every time we attempt or we think we are at the threshold of participating in this multi-billion dollar Renaissance that is taking place in our communities across America?

Are we truly leveling the playing field, when the mandates that are put in place cannot be realized, whether it’s 10 percent or 20 percent participation of employment goals? Yes they may be fined, but we still are on the side line, and we are late to the dance and all the opportunities have been divided amongst those who don’t look like us. And they are already paired up and we stand around waiting for this handout that we’ve been promised and so often falls short of the promise. Yes they get the fine, but we still are unemployed, under employed, and have no contracts.

Here we are in 2015 still standing in lines for handouts, for a percentage that, for the most part, will never be fully realized.

We must create 100 percent of our prosperity, ownership and partnerships among one another to grow our communities, to grow our businesses that create jobs, jobs where we don’t have to mandate 20 percent of participation

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. Yes, we must demand, yes we must insist, but yes we must create our own economic base, while we are demanding and insisting.