W.B.C. Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower, mentor, and strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of members while building strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations.

Through these activities, the Women’s Business Council and its members will become a highly recognized and empowered group leading to enhanced quality of life and economic growth.

About the Women's Business Council

Women and business go hand in hand. As the care takers of our homes and most of society, we have stood at the forefront throughout history. Now more than ever, women are making their presence felt on boards around the world, taking decisive action on topics that impact more than just the lives of their families, but the businesses and communities for which they serve.

It is imperative that we prepare ourselves and our businesses for the opportunities which are becoming available in South Florida. It’s time to “GET OUR BUSINESSES IN ORDER!!!” The Women’s Business Council is re-assessing and coordinating its programs to better assist you in achieving successful outcomes. Our strategic plans, based on member input and industry trends, will include more industry targeted programs and CHATS. We desire your continued participation and recommendations to make this happen.

In the upcoming year, the WBC will work expeditiously to strengthen its goal of assisting small business owners

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. We value your presence in our community as well as the quality products and services you make available to consumers. We implore all small business owners to take advantage of the programs and services that we work to provided. The steps you take now will subsequently impact your return on investment.

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